Scientific Information Policies

Here is a list of policies related to the CERN Scientific Information Service:

CERN Scientific Information Service mission statement

Mission statement of the Scientific Information Service, as per the guidelines of the Scientific Information Policy Board.

CERN Operational Circular N° 3

This Operational Circular: ‘Rules applicable to archival material and archiving at CERN’ has been approved in October 1997.
Subsidiary document: 'Archiving Policy at CERN'

CERN Operational Circular N° 6

This CERN Operation Circular: 'CERN Scientific Documents' has been approved in June 2001.
Additional document: EP publishing policy.

CERN Object Preservation Policy

The CERN Object Preservation Policy has been approved in June 2007.

Open Access Policy for CERN Publications

The Open Access Policy for CERN Publications has been approved on October, 16th 2014, and revised in April 2017


While this is not a policy as such, we recommend all CERN authors to register for an ORCID identifier. It takes less than 30 seconds.

CERN Affiliation

The definition of a CERN Author and how the affiliation should be written in scientific papers.

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