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"«Ici, devant le deuil et la promesse de la vie, je me tiens et j'avance... »
Irène Jacob, l'inoubliable interprète de La Double vie de Véronique, rapproche deux évènements simultanés et essentiels : le deuil de son père -Maurice Jacob, qui a travaillé au département de physique théorique au CERN de 1968-2002- et la naissance d'un enfant.

Ce texte subtil, sensible et tendre lui permet de revenir à ces deux moments où le miracle de la vie et l'infiniment grand se mêlent. La physique, les visites au CERN dans son enfance, le firmament à perte de vue, le big bang mais aussi la perception du temps, la brume des souvenirs ou les images à vif, les émotions, leurs manifestations explosives, le sommeil et les rêves irisent ce récit tout à la fois bouleversant et lumineux."

«Sur la terre comme au ciel… la comédienne interroge avec acuité sa mémoire, son corps, ses rêves, son imaginaire» (Bernard Pivot, Journal Du Dimanche)


"Big Bang: roman", Irène Jacob,
Albin Michel, 2019, ISBN 9782226442703

CERN library event

This modern introduction to particle physics equips students with the skills needed to develop a deep and intuitive understanding of the physical theory underpinning contemporary experimental results. The fundamental tools of particle physics are introduced and accompanied by historical profiles charting the development of the field. Theory and experiment are closely linked, with descriptions of experimental techniques used at CERN accompanied by detail on the physics of the Large Hadron Collider and the strong and weak forces that dominate proton collisions. Recent experimental results are featured, including the discovery of the Higgs boson. Equations are supported by physical interpretations, and end-of-chapter problems are based on datasets from a range of particle physics experiments including dark matter, neutrino, and collider experiments. A solutions manual for instructors is available online. Additional features include worked examples throughout, a detailed glossary of key terms, appendices covering essential background material, and extensive references and further reading to aid self-study, making this an invaluable resource for advanced undergraduates in physics.


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New book

The purpose of this book is to cover all aspects of Bi-2223 superconducting wires from fundamental research, fabrication process to applications. This book contains many chapters written by distinguished experts in the world.

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The authors have put forth great efforts in gathering present day knowledge about different objects within our solar system and universe. This book features the most current information on the subject with information acquired from noted scientists in this area. The main objective is to convey the importance of the subject and provide detailed information on the physical makeup of our planetary system and technologies used for research. Information on educational projects has also been included in the Radio Astronomy chapters.This information is a real plus for students and educators considering a career in Planetary Science or for increasing their knowledge about our planetary system

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This book is an introduction to the concept of symmetries in electromagnetism and explicit symmetry breaking. It begins with a brief background on the origin of the concept of symmetry and its meaning in fields such as architecture, mathematics and physics. Despite the extensive developments of symmetry in these fields, it has yet to be applied to the context of classical electromagnetism and related engineering applications. This book unravels the beauty and excitement of this area to scientists and engineers.

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In Signposts to God particle physicist Peter Bussey introduces readers to the mysteries of modern physics and astronomy. Written in clear, accessible prose, Bussey provides a primer on topics such as the laws of nature, quantum physics, fine-tuning, and current cosmological models. He shows that despite the remarkable achievements of science, the latest research in these fields does not lead to simple physicalism in which physical processes are able to explain everything that exists. Bussey argues that, far from ruling out a divine Creator, modern physics and astronomy present us with compelling signposts to God. The more we know about the cosmos and our presence in it, the more plausible belief in God becomes. We can be intellectually satisfied in both science and the Christian faith. Written by someone who has worked for years in scientific research, Signposts to God is a timely and winsome response to a cultural stalemate.


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