CERN Document Server

CERN Document Server is the CERN general catalogue in which you can find various type of documents, such as books, e-books, articles, journals, e-journals, reports, standards, photos, videos and much more.

Books / e-Books

CERN Scientific Information Service offers you access to a wide collection of books and e-books.


CERN Library subscribes to some 2000 ejournals. The access is enabled for all CERN IP or from outside CERN upon registration.


A collection of standards is available either in pdf or in print version. Please consult the CERN Document Server to find what you need. If you don't find the standard you are looking for, the CERN library can order it for you. Please fill this form to request it. A budget code will be required.

Online databases

CERN Scientific Information Service offers access to some of the best and most complete scientific databases such as INSPEC (Physics, electronics and computing, 1898- ), and Compendex (Engineering, 1976-).

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Find there a selection of dictionaries and encyclopedias.

HEP information resources

Find here a list of HEP information resources, federated search tools and HEP document collections.

Online particle physics information

This is a list of online particle physics information that provide you an access to literature databases, software repositories and apps, experiments, data preservations and more.

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