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ETDE's Energy Database contains the world's largest collection of energy literature, with more than 3.8 million abstracted and indexed records, ETDEWEB 765,000 bibliographic records with more than 8 million downloadable full text pages. Updated twice monthly, the database contains bibliographic references to and abstracts of journal articles, reports, conference papers, books, and other miscellaneous document types. The database covers such varied subjects as environmental aspects of energy production and use and energy policy and planning, as well as the basic sciences that support energy research and development (R&D). The database is designed to assist engineers, scientists and others to:

  • locate relevant journal articles, conference papers and other documents in response to specific queries

  • maintain a continuing awareness of the latest published information in any particular field (within the above disciplines)



1995 to present. In general, the database offers the customer bibliographic records with abstracts and full details of the source document which can be located by using the CERN Library catalogue or obtained via our interlibrary loan service.


How to search


Search examples: Smith , "Smith, J.", "Smith, J.D."


The asterisk (*) is used as a wild card character for none or more characters, while the question mark (?) is used as a wild card for a single character only (has to be a character there--dog? will find dogs, but not dog). Wild card searches of less than three characters are not recommended.

The complete manual:

ETDEWEB search help.

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