Our mission

Mission statement

The Scientific Information Service (currently the RCS-SIS group) has for its mandate the management of the Library and the Historical and Scientific Archives of CERN.

  • It should acquire and manage information resources in all fields of relevance to the Organization, and make these accessible in the most convenient way to the worldwide particle physics community.

  • It should provide services for obtaining information which is not directly available on site.

  • It should advise CERN divisions on the best ways of ensuring that all relevant documents are made publicly available.

  • It is also responsible for the distribution of CERN publications (CERN Reports and other documents).

  • It is responsible for safeguarding documents and files of potential interest to the Organization and for historical research.

  • It should provide information about and access to the archived material. It should advise CERN divisions and collaborations in archival issues and records management.

The Service is following the guidelines drawn up by the Scientific Information Policy Board.

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