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The World Wide Web was born at CERN in 1989 - but although historic paper documents from over 50 years ago survive in the CERN Archive, it is by no means certain that it will be possible to consult today's web pages 50 years from now.

The regular back-ups made by the IT Department do not meet this need, and it is not their role to do so. The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine includes an impressive collection of archived CERN web pages from 1996 onwards. However, their coverage is not complete. Once again, this is not their role - they aim for broad coverage of the whole Internet, rather than in-depth coverage of particular organisations.

To try to fill this gap, the CERN Archive has entered into a partnership agreement with the Internet Memory Foundation. Harvesting of CERN's publicly available web pages is now being carried out on a regular basis, and the results are available here.

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