Internal organisation of CERN - Historical chart

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The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) came formally into being on 29 September 1954. It has changed a lot since then - in the physics it confronts, the scale and complexity of the research instruments it operates, the physical appearance of the Laboratory, and also in its organisational structure.

This chart shows the history of these organisational changes. You can browse it by clicking the name of a department or a decade. 

We are also starting to add links to lists of the relevant departmental reports and, where available, to fulltexts of these reports - this work is ongoing...

1955-1959  1960-1969  1970-1979    1980-1989    1990-1999    2000-2009    
2010-2019    2020-....    

AB Accelerators & Beams
ADM Administration
AR Accelerators Research
AS Administrative Support
AT Accelerator Technology
ATS Accelerators and Technology Sector
BE Beams
CN Computing & Networks
DD Data Handling
DG Director-General Office Sector
DOC Documentation
DSU Directorate Services Units
ECP Electronics and Computing for Physics
EF Experimental Physics Facilities
EN Engineering Department
ENG Engineering Division
EP Experimental Physics
EST Engineering Support and Technologies
ETT Education Technology Transfer
FAP Finance and Administrative Processes
FHR Finance and Human Resources Sector
FI Finance
FP Finance and Procurement
GS General Infrastructure Services
HR Human Resources
HS Health and Safety
HSE Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Unit
IPT Industry, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer
IR International Relations
ISR Intersecting Storage Rings
IT Information Technology
LEP Large Electron-Positron
LHC Large Hadron Collider
MI Management Information
MPS Machine Proton Synchrotron
MSC Machine Synchro-Cyclotron
MT Mechanical Technologies
NP Nuclear Physics
NPA Nuclear Physics Apparatus
PE Personnel
PH Physics
PPE Particle Physics Experiment
PS Proton Synchrotron
RC Research and Computing Sector 
SB Technical Services & Buildings
SC Synchro-Cyclotron
SCU Safety Commission Unit
SI Synchrotron Injector
SMB Site Management and Buildings
SPL Supplies Procurement & Logisitics
SPS Super Proton Synchrotron
ST Soutien Technique / Technical Support
STS Scientific & Technical Services
TC Track Chambers
TE Technology
TH Theory
TIS Technical Inspection & Safety Commission
TS Technical Support

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