Experimental Physics Facilities Division (EF), 1976 - 1989

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A. Minten

In 1976 the two CERN Laboratories were united and the experimental program of the SPS accelerator began. With the advent of the large bubble chambers, expert groups of designers and constructors grew up. Finally, the distinction between those people who design, build and operate the big detectors and those who use them for research was recognized by the setting up of two new CERN Divisions :

• Experimental Physics Facilities Division (EF) formed from parts of the former Nuclear Physics (NP) and Track Chamber (TC) Divisions.

• Experimental Physics Division (EP) from Nuclear Physics Division (NP).

The objectives of EF Division were to build and operate experimental facilities, such as bubble chambers and spectrometers and to provide advanced equipment for experimental physics, such as detectors, magnets, measuring machines and cryogenic apparatus.


H. Wenninger


In 1990 EF Division disappeared and most of its staff moved to the newly created Electronics and Computing for Physics Division (ECP) whilst the other part of EF went to the Particle Physics Experiments Division (PPE).

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