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CERN Library operation during COVID19 access restrictions

Access to the Library online

  • You can still access the online collections without interruptions via CDS or any search engine.
  • Access to resources that require the CERN network, is possible via the EZProxy service (see also here). From outside CERN, simply add this string at the beginning of the url: https://ezproxy.cern.ch/login?url=
  • Some publishers have decided to open some of their resources during the epidemic, a complete list of the resources available for the CERN community has been compiled here.
  • In case you need assistance in finding or accessing online documents, we will be happy to assist you Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 18:00 via e-mail or Mattermost


Delivery and return of books and articles

  • No borrowing of physical books is possible during the closure, but many books are available as ebooks.
  • Departing personnel who have books to be returned should send them back to CERN Library by snail mail. They should inform us of their departure and we will sign the termination sheet virtually. All the other loans will be extended till the Library opens again.
  • Delivery of articles from external libraries will continue, whereas no borrowing of documents from external libraries and no paper book purchase will be possible.
  • Technical standards will be purchased in electronic form only.


Submission of documents and publishing

  • Submission of documents to CDS will be possible and curation of records will go on as usual in CDS and INSPIRE. You can contact library.desk@cern.ch if you need assistance.
  • Questions related to payment of Open Access fees should be directed to us via e-mail to open-access-questions@cern.ch or via Mattermost.


Contact us

  • The Library Section Leader can be reached at +41 75 411 92 99 and the SIS Group Leader is available at +41 75 411 68 65.
  • In case of questions please reach out to us via e-mail to library.desk@cern.ch or through Mattermost.

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