Divisional Records Officers (DRO)

The CERN Archive operates with the help of Divisional Records Officers (DRO) who assist in the locating and collecting of the archival material of their respective Department, Collaboration or area of activity at CERN.

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Guidelines for the Divisional Records Officers (DRO) [Top]

This short manual gives some practical advice on how to fulfill the DRO's responsibilities. The AIP’s guidelines on Scientific Source Materials also give useful advice on what to keep.

See also the Your records page, which includes useful links on records management, preservation and conservation, and digital preservation.

What does a DRO do ? [Top]

  • He/she is nominated by the Department leader or Collaboration for a period of three years, renewable.

  • He/she requires the support of the Department leader, Group leaders and Departmental secretariats.

  • He/she works in close collaboration with the CERN Archivist.

  • He/she has the authority to implement a records management and archiving plan within the Department/Collaboration.

  • He/she is empowered to advise on the creation of intermediate archives. In collaboration with the Group leaders and Departmental secretariat, and, if applicable, project leaders and spokespersons, the DRO indentifies and lists archival material, and passes information on to the CERN Archivist.

  • He/she informs the CERN Archivist prior to any restructuring or cessation of activities in the division, or departure of staff who possess files of potential interest to the CERN Archive.

See CERN Operational Circular N° 3 for more details.

CERN's DROs [Top]



Anna Mackney


DG Units

Yolande Buttay



Géraldine Jean


Experimental Physics

Florence Rabier


Finance and Administrative Processes

Caroline Laignel


Human Resources

Lucie Barbin


Industry, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer

Sandra Benoit-Godet

IR Sector

International Relations Sector

Catherine Brandt


Information Technology

Jean-Yves Le Meur


Site Management and Buildings

Veronique Angelini



Maria Llorente


Theoretical Physics

Michelle Connor

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