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E. Picasso

Experimental Physics Division (EP)

In 1976 the two CERN Laboratories were united and the experimental program of the SPS accelerator began. With the advent of the large bubble chambers, expert groups of designers and constructors grew up. Finally, the distinction between those people who design, build and operate the big detectors and those who use them for research was recognized by the setting-up of two new CERN Divisions :

E. Gabathuler

A. M. Wetherell

B. Hyams

F. Dydak


J. V. Allaby

Particle Physics Experiment Division (PPE)

In 1990 a part of EP Division and a part of EF Division merged to form Particle Physics Experiment Division (PPE).

The PPE Division was responsible for carrying out research in the field of particle physics, and R&D programs in the domain of detector technologies. PPE was the host division for outside users of CERN facilities. It provided technical, administrative and logistics support to experimental teams.


G. Goggi


G. Goggi

Experimental Physics Division

In 1998 PPE Division and a part of Electronics and Computing for Physics (ECP) Division merged to form the Experimental Physics Division (EP).

G. Goggi
W. Schlatter

W. Schlatter


In 2004 Experimental Physics (EP) and Theory (TH) Divisions merged to form the Physics Department (PH). The groups of the Experimental Physics unit are active in the domains of detector technologies, including mechanics, electronics and experiment related computing. They participate in the construction and running of experiments and in the physics analysis.


M. Krammer

Experimental Physics Department (EP)

In 2016, the CERN management changed and adopted a new organizational structure. The Physics Department (PH) was split into two separate departments: Experimental Physics Department (EP) and Theoretical Physics Department (TH) located with Information Technology Department (IT) in the Research and Computing Sector (RC).

EP department carries out research in the field of experimental physics and provide a working environment for users from all over the world.

The EP Department includes the CERN teams involved in the experiments (both for the LHC and the non-LHC programmes), as well as the groups providing support to approved experiments in the domains of detector technology, electronics and common software. Detector R&D for current and future projects were another important aspect of the EP Department’s activities.

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