Nuclear Physics Division (NP), 1961 - 1975

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P. Preiswerk

In 1961 the folllowing groups from the former SC Division became part of the NP Division:

  • Counter group
  • Emulsion group
  • Nuclear Chemistry and Spallation Group
  • Cloud Chamber group
  • Electronics Group

The main tasks included, in collaboration with European Universities and Laboratories, the execution of the programme of electronic experiments, emulsion experiments, and nuclear chemistry experiments with PS and SC accelerators.

In 1965 under a programme of centralization, the electronics store was transferred from NP Division to SB Division.

In 1966 new Departments were formed by regrouping the existing Divisions; these departments existed until 1976. NP remained a Division and was integrated into the Physics I Department.

In 1967 it also began experiments on the Intersecting Storage Rings (ISR) facility, and was responsible for experiments on other new facilities at CERN when they became available.


H. F. Schopper


E. Picasso


In 1976 the departmental structure ceased. With the advent of the large bubble chambers, expert groups of designers and constructors grew up. Finally, the distinction between those people who design, build and operate the big detectors and those who use them for research was recognized by the setting up of two new CERN Divisions:

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