Nuclear Physics Apparatus Division (NPA), 1961 - 1968

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C. A. Ramm




In 1961 part of the Propane Bubble Chambers Group of the Proton Synchrotron Division (PS) became in a newly created division called Nuclear Physics Apparatus Division (NPA) was directed by C Ramm. Its mission was the design, development and construction of apparatus for the experimental programme including the beam transport equipment for bubble chambers. In collaboration with laboratories outside CERN NPA Division was responsible for high energy physics program at the PS, using heavy liquid buble chambers.

NPA Division received the 1 meter heavy liquid chamber called BP3 from Ecole Polytechnique and directed the construction of the CERN 1 metre propane chamber.

In 1963 NPA Division became involved inthe neutrino physics research programme.

In 1966 it joined PS Department directed by P. Germain. It was also designated as host for Gargamelle, the Large Heavy Liquid bubble chamber under construction at CEA Saclay.


In 1969 NPA Division ceased to exist. Some staff remained in the PS Department whilst most were transferred to the Track Chamber Division (TCL Group) of the Physics II Department, directed by Charles Peyrou.

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