Technical Inspection and Safety Commission (TIS), 1983 - 2003

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F. Ferger

In 1983 the Health and Safety Department (HS) underwent a number of organizational changes in order to:

  • to provide for direct reporting to the Director-General
  • to define more clearly the areas as well as the limits of responsibility of the Safety Service
  • to improve the technical competence and efficiency of the Safety Service

To reflect the new situation the Safety Service adopted the name of Technical Inspection and Safety Commission (TIS). It encompassed all the centralised service groups of CERN directly related to health, safety and the protection of the environment.

TIS was organized in the following groups :

  • Electricity, Electrical Installations and General Safety
  • Fire prevention and Fire Brigade
  • Flammable and inert gases and chemistry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Medical service
  • Radioprotection

In 1987 the TIS saw a number of internal organizational changes, some as result of the departure of key staff and others as result of better adaptation to new conditions, notably the installation of LEP.

In 1989 for administrative purposes, the TIS Commission was linked to ST Division.

In 1991 the former Electricity, Electrical Installations and General Safety Group and Mechanical Engineering Group merged to form a single General Safety Group. This new group was responsibile for general, electrical, mechanical and experiments safety, as defined in the CERN Safety Policy documents (SAPOCO 42), and also for providing technical support to all TIS groups.


K. Potter


B. de Raad


H. Schönbacher


W. Weingarten


In 2004 the Technical Inspection and Safety Commission was renamed Safety Commission (SC).

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