Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Unit (HSE), 2010-Present

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R. Trant

In 2010 the Safety Commission Unit (SC) became the Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Unit (HSE) comprising the groups: Radiation Protection (RP) and Safety Engineering & Environment (SEE).


HSE’s mission was to

  • support the Organization in the implementation and enforcement of its Safety Policy;

  • monitor the implementation and accomplishment of Safety objectives aimed at a continuous improvement of safe working and operating conditions as well as environmental protection;

  • grant safety clearance on behalf of the Director-General for special equipment, installations, experiments and projects with major safety implications.

In 2016 with the appointment of a new Director-General, the CERN management reorganised some sectors. The HSE unit structure remained unchanged.


S. Baird

2018 Forkel-Wirth, D

Source: CERN/2016

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