CERN Archive Collection Policy

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At the CERN Archive our aim is to collect and preserve the records (scientific, technical and managerial) that document the history of CERN. These are of potential interest to the Organization itself, and ultimately to the wider community for historical research.

An archival record may be any document (regardless of its physical form or medium) originating from, or received by, a person or a body in the course of activity at CERN. The material selected for preservation in the Archive (c. 5-10% of the total produced at CERN) is that which best reflects the activity of the record-producing bodies (departments, groups, individuals or collaborations).

In each Department, a Divisional Records Officer (DRO) or contact person assists in the identification and collection of archival material. More information is available here. The AIP’s guidelines on Scientific Source Materials also give useful advice on what to keep.

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