Proton Synchrotron Division and Machine Proton Synchrotron Division records, PS and MPS: Annex

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AA Antiproton Accumulator, 1978-1987
AA-ME Antiproton Accumulator-Machine Experiments
AAC-RI Antiproton Accumulator- Running In
ACOL Antiproton Collector
AE Acceleration and Ejection, 1974-1978
AE Accelerators and Experimental Areas
AL or ALO Apparatus Layout, 1960-1964
AR Accelerator Research, 1958-1959
Antiproton Rings, 1988 
Atelier Atelier, 1955-1959
BD Beam diagnostics, 1991 to date 
B Booster, 1966-1967 
BR Booster, 1972-1987
BT Beam Transport, 1982
Beam Transfer, 1983-1987
CA Circular Accelerators and Areas
CCI Computer Control and Instrumentation, 1974-1978
CD Cyclotron Development, 1976-1981
CO Computer 1960-1973 and 1979 to date
CO-MD Computer-Machine Development
COP Cyclotron Operation
DI Direction 
DIR Director's Office
DL Division Leader 
DR Divisional Resources 
EA Experimental Area, 1958-1960
Experimental Areas, 1973
Experimental Areas, 1985-1987
ED Electrical development
EE Electrical Engineering, 1955
Electrical Projects and Installation, 1964-1966
EI Ejection and Instrumentation, 1979-1981
EL Electronics, 1968-1972
EM Emulsion, 1958-1960
EN or ENG Engineering, 1955-1956
Energy Committee, 1980-1985
ENS Electronics News Sheet, 1957-1958
EP Experimental Planning, 1959-1972
FES Fast Ejection System, 1969-1973
GE 1958-1959
GL Group Leader, 1960
GS General Studies, 1961-1964
H Hydrogen, 1970-1973
HBC Hydrogen Bubble Chambers, 1958-1959
HI Hadron Injector, 1988-1996
HP Hadron Production
I Installation, 1960
LEA or LEAR Low Energy Antiproton Ring, 1982-1987
LI or LIN Linac, 1956-1987
LP Lepton Injector, 1988
Lepton Production
LPI Lepton Pre-Injector, 1982-1987
LR Linac and Radio Frequency, 1980-1981 
LRF Linac Radio Frequency, 1955-1958
MA Magnets, 1956-1959 and 1964-1967
MAE Magnet and Ejection, 1968-1973
Magasin Magasin, 1955-1959
ME Mechanical Engineering, 1958-1959
MG Machine Group, 1959-1960
MG-GL Machine Group-Group Leader
MGM Management, 1960
ML mechanical, 1955 and 1967-1989
MM Magnets Measurements, 1954-1960
MU Machine Utilisation, 1964-1984
NP Nuclear Physics, 1957-1959
OP Operation, 1974 to date
PA Proton Synchrotron Ring and Areas 
PO or POW Power, 1961 to date
PSB Proton Synchrotron Booster
PP Particle Production
PSO Proton Synchrotron Operation, 1959-1960
PSR Proton Synchrotron Ring, 1982-1987
RIC Running In Committee, 1958-1960
RF Radio Frequency, 1955-1967 and 1982 to date
S Separators, 1952-1953, 1964, 1971
SA Services Administratifs, 1981-1987
SC Synchrotron Cyclotron, 1982-1990
SD 1969-1971
SE 1959
SI Syncrotron Injector, 1968-1972
SM Synchrotron Magnets, 1974-1981
SR Synchrotron Ring, 1968-1973
TH Theory, 1955-1959
VA Vacuum, 1955-1956 and 1960-1964


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