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Submit a paper to CDS

The operational circular no. 6 requires every CERN author to submit a copy of their scientific documents to the CERN Document Server (CDS).

For some groups all approved documents are submitted by the secretary, but each author should personally also ensure the submission of any other articles which are not added in this way such as conference contributions and review articles.
Familiarise yourself with your own department's [ LHC, PH-TH, EN, TE, BE ] or experiment's [ ALICE, ATLAS guidelines (protected) and OA statement (protected), CMS guidelines and LHCb ] publication policy and if your articles are not dealt with by the official route, submit them yourself.

Here is a summary of the submission procedure, you can find more details in the CDS user guide

Login to CDS

The process starts from the CDS URL: and choosing the "submit" function on the top of the page.

Before the submit process you are asked to login.

If you haven't a valid login (login and password are the same as for CDS search) you can register a new one.

Verify document format and size compatibility

The documents to be submitted should satisfy some technical requirements.
Most common formats are accepted for the text (doc, ps, pdf), but PDF is recommanded (you can use the on-line utility cdsconv to convert the file format).
JPEG is preferred for images.

Choose the document type

Archiving in CDS is done through the secretariats for the departmental series.
Documents that do not fit in this framework but are concerned with CERN activities can be self-archived as a part of CERN-OPEN.
Thesis should be submitted by the authors to CERN-THESIS:

Authors of articles or preprints from other institutions are informed that CERN's SIPB (meeting 8/10/2004) decided to close the EXT-series on CDS and to encourage the authors to submit their papers at arXiv.
All papers in arXiv are available on the CERN Document Server.

Start the Wizard for the Publication Process

Now you are ready to start the submission: a wizard will guide you through the entire process.
Note that the following fields are mandatory to complete the submission:

  • Title

  • Division

  • Type of publication

  • Subject

  • Submitter's name

  • Submitter's e-mail

  • Submitter's division

File upload

You can temporarily suspend the process before the file upload: the system records all the data input and allows you to recover, modify or cancel the submission at any time.
Once the process is completed, the paper will be available on CDS.

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