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Submit your thesis to CDS

The operational circular no. 6 requires every CERN author to submit a copy of their scientific documents, theses included, to the CERN Document Server (CDS). This is indeed an efficient way of sharing knowledge within the community while assuring long-term storage of the work.

Who should submit their thesis?

  • Theses written by students paid by CERN (CERN Doctoral Student Program)

  • Theses written by students having used CERN equipment

  • Theses written by students advised by CERN staff

All theses (old or new) qualify: undergraduate and graduate (Diploma, Master or PhD etc).

Examples of theses to be submitted in CDS:

  • Theses using ATLAS data and infrastructures related to processing of these data (Grid)

  • Theses related to beamtime in SPS north area

How to submit?


In case of any question or submission problem, please do not hesitate to contact the Library team or send us directly your file (pdf is preferred).

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