ARIBIB: Astronomisches Rechen-Institut BIBliographical Database for Astronomical References

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ARIBIB: Astronomisches Rechen-Institut BIBliographical Database for Astronomical References provides access to the published literature in all aspects of astronomy, astrophysics, and their neighbouring fields. The ARIBIB is based on the information given in the printed bibliography ``Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts''. AAA were published from 1899 until 2000. Astronomy and Astrophysics Abstracts was designed to assist engineers, scientists and others to locate relevant journal articles, conference papers and other documents in response to specific queries.



1899 to 2000. The database offers the customer bibliographical information in the 'reference format'. This reference format contains basically the following information: author(s) or editor(s), title of the paper or title of the book, bibliographic data for the source of the paper or bibliographic data for the book, keywords, and the AAA reference number. The abstracts of the papers are not included. Full details of the source document can be located by using the CERN Library catalogue or obtained via our interlibrary loan service.


How to search

To get the best results, please read through the list of hints before you start your search.


if you know the name of the author, the easiest way to search for his papers is to use the author index.


By default, substrings are matched, so that e.g. searching for "hhorn" will yield records with Eichhorn as well as Buchhorn in them. Thus, there usually is no need for wildcards. If you enable "match whole words only", please note that an author's surname and his/her initials are one word; thus, to find an author with "match whole words only", you have to give the initials.

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