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ADS (Astrophysics Data System) Abstract Service provides access to four different collections: abstracts from astronomical/planetary sciences/solar physics articles, abstracts from space instrumentation and engineering articles, abstracts from physics and geophysics articles. The abstracts are extracted from all major journals, many minor journals, conference proceedings, NASA reports, and many PhD theses. The database is designed to assist engineers, scientists and others to:

  • locate relevant journal articles, conference papers and other documents in response to specific queries

  • maintain a continuing awareness of the latest published information in any particular field (within the above disciplines)



For most astronomy journals, coverage extends back to volume 1, i.e. Astronomical Journal is covered from 1849 onwards. For the instrumentation and physics journals, coverage is typically back to 1975. In general, the database offers the customer bibliographic records with abstracts with a link to the scanned images of articles from most of the major and most smaller astronomical journals, as well as several conference proceedings series. In the cases fulltext is not available, the full details of the source document will lead to a hard copy which can be located by using the CERN Library catalogue or obtained via our interlibrary interlibrary loan service.


How to search


In order to retrieve all papers by a given author, search by the string "Last, F.I.". If you want to just pick up specific spellings of an author name, use the predefined form.


Using wildcard characters will cause a template search. If no wildcard characters are used, the list of synonyms for the specified word or author is returned. Valid wildcard characters are the asterisk '*' for zero or more characters, and the question mark '?' for single characters. The '*' is not allowed within a word.

The complete manual:

ADS Abstract Service - Help.

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