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The INIS Database announces the scientific literature published worldwide on the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology; from 1992, the database also includes the economic and environmental aspects of all non-nuclear energy sources. INIS contains more than 2 million scientific and technical bibliographic references. The database is designed to assist engineers, scientists and others to:

  • locate relevant journal articles, conference papers and other documents in response to specific queries
  • maintain a continuing awareness of the latest published information in any particular field (within the above disciplines)



1970 to present. In general, the database offers the customer bibliographic records with abstracts and full details of the source document which can be located by using the CERN Library catalogue or obtained via our interlibrary loan service.


How to search


johnson & fischer & mayer will retrieve records containing all authors irrespective of their order. john* & fisch* & may* will retrieve records containing the names john, johnston, johnner, fischmann, fischerbach, mayor, maynard, mayseder, etc. johnson, fischer, mayer will retrieve records containing any of the names found. fischer & u will retrieve all records containing the author Fischer, U. and Fischer, U.A. jo?n*, fisch*, ma?er will retrieve in addition to the above records those containing the names johns, joensson, joint, fisch, fischerhof, fischmeister, fischermann, mader, maher, maier, majer, etc.


? stands for one character in a word. There is a limit of fifty consecutive ? in a word. * stands for unknown characters in a word. There is a limit of eight * in a word. # stands for any word, even a stopword, in a phrase. There is a limit of nineteen # in a phrase.

The complete manual:

INIS online help.

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