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Zentralblatt MATH is the most complete and longest running abstracting and reviewing service in pure and applied mathematics in the world. The database contains more than 1.8 Million entries drawn from more than 2.200 serials and journals. The entries are classified according to the Mathematics Subject Classification Scheme (MSC) and cover the subjects: pure mathematics, probability theory, statistics, mathematical physics, classical, solid and fluid mechanics, numerical mathematics, mathematical programming, theoretical computer science and automata theory, systems theory, control, operations research, economics, information and communication, circuits, coding, cryptography, applications in biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology. The database is designed to assist engineers, scientists and others to:

  • locate relevant journal articles, conference papers and other documents in response to specific queries
  • maintain a continuing awareness of the latest published information in any particular field (within the above disciplines)



1931 to present. In general, the database offers the customer bibliographic records with abstracts and full details of the source document which can be located by using the CERN Library catalogue or obtained via our interlibrary loan service.


How to search


Author names have been implemented in the form 'last name, first name, middle name'. First and middle names can or cannot be abbreviated. When searching for an author's name, it is recommended to use only the first initial. You will get all forms of the first names, because the system adds automatically a truncation symbol. Thus, the recommended search form is: Mahle, F The system will automatically search for Mahle, F*.


The (right) truncation symbol * is used to retrieve various forms of your search terms. In the author search the truncation is used automatically. Left truncation is not available.

The complete manual:

Zentralblatt für Mathematik : online help.

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