CERN users can access thousands of worldwide e-newspapers on the PressReader platform. This platform is  convenient for a usage on mobile devices, using the PressReader App (User guide for IOS and Android) or with a browser.

Please note that our access is limited to 5 concurrent users, it might therefore be that you experience access denials from time to time. In case, you find this access limitation too problematic, please do not hesitate to contact us

Important: On 30th April 2017, the PressDisplay platform which offers for the time being the same content as PressReader will be definitively closed. Users will then be redirected to PressReader. 

Remote access to this resource:

- The remote access doesn't work with the PressReader platform, using a browser.

- The PressReader app works from outside CERN to read content you will have downloaded previously while at CERN. In order to be able to download new content from outside CERN, you need to connect to the app with your device on the CERN site, and your connection will be valid for 7 days, inside and outside CERN.

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