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External loan

If the document you are looking for is not in CERN collections, you can ask us to borrow it to an external library. Follow the link below to fill in the request.

Order an article

(from journals or proceedings)

Order a book

Order other type of documents

(reports, standards, patents or thesis)

Interlibrary loan is a service offered by CERN Library to give our users the chance to consult bibliographic documents which are not part of the CERN collection.

What kind of items may be requested?

You can order any type of document, but please remember that items not related to CERN activities cannot be ordered.

How can I request a document?

First of all check the CERN Library catalogue and if you do not find what you need we can request it to other institutions' libraries. Fill in an order form to let us bring you what you need (see the links above to order an article, a book or other type of documents).

How do I know that my items have arrived and how can I get them?

Once the office has received your documents we send you an email. In that email we give you a choice of delivery options. 1) You can personally pick up the document from the CERN library, or, 2) We will send the document to you through the internal mail system. All you need to do is reply to the email telling us which option you choose.

How long can I keep the documents?

The usual loan period is 3-4 weeks, it depends on the supplier.

Main conditions

  • This service is limited to CERN users only.

  • Most requests are satisfied in 2-5 days, but please allow 10 working days before querying the status of your request.

  • Users will be charged for lost or damaged material and for any fines incurred.

  • Users regularly not returning the books in time might be suspended from using the service.

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