Specifications and standards in Electronics

CERN is since a few years an active member in several standardization organisations who develop important specifications and standards in the field of electronics: IPC, PCI-SIG, PICMG, PXI System Alliance and VITA

Other resources are listed below.


  • IPC provides standards and quality programs supporting the electronics industry such as standards for electronics assembly and PCB fabrication. The main specification for CERN is IPC-A-610: Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies.
  • Standards are available on CDS.
  • IPC Website: http://www.ipc.org



  • This organisation develops standards such as CompactPCI, ATCA, MicroTCA, COM Express.
  • Standards available on CDS.
  • PICMG website: https://www.picmg.org

PXI Systems Alliance PXI

  • This organisation develops standards such as PXI: "PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation" and PXIe: "PCI EXPRESS eXtensions for Instrumentation".
  • The specifications are available here: http://pxisa.org/Specifications/


Other resources

CERN developed general purpose hardware

Other CERN services related to bus standards

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