The aim of all our activities is to help researchers at CERN and all over the world with their research for the overall advancement of science. To remind us of this overarching objective, we have created a new SIS mission statement that the entire team jointly developed in 2019:

The CERN Scientific Information Service aims at efficiently managing, preserving and disseminating scientific information to make it openly accessible and reusable to CERN and the worldwide High-Energy Physics community.

Main activities

SIS Mission

Our main activities can be split into three major parts:

  1. We help the CERN community to find and access information such as scientific journals, books and databases.
  2. We support CERN authors and experiments in making their knowledge accessible and reusable, for example, by publishing in open access journals and providing access to their data.
  3. We develop the concepts, tools and services that support researchers at CERN and across the world in finding, managing, preserving and disseminating scientific results.

SIS Activity Reports

Activity reports can be found on the CERN Document Server

Last modified
12 April, 2024