Who is who at CERN - Biographical information

Here you will find information about some of the people who have worked at CERN; the articles are all taken from the CERN Courier. This page is gradually being replaced by Wikipedia CERN people.

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Abdinov, Ovsat [CERN Courier Jan 2017]
Adams, John Bertram [CERN Courier, Feb 1960 - Dec 1968 - Apr 1984 - Aug 1984]
Adams, Renie [CERN Courier, Mar 2003*]
Adlam, John Harry [CERN Courier, Apr 2004]
Ahmad, Ishfaq [CERN Courier Jul 2018]
Alexahin, Yuri [CERN Courier Jan-Feb 2021]
Allaby, James V, [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2009]
Allen, Douglas [CERN Courier, Dec 2008]
Altarelli, Guido [CERN Courier Dec 2015]
Altherr, Tanguy [CERN Courier, Dec 1994*]
Alvarez, Luis [CERN Courier, Dec 1988] [CERN Courier Mar 2012]
Amaldi, Edoardo [CERN Courier, Feb 1990- April 1999] [CERN Courier Jun 2012]
Amaldi, Ugo [CERN Courier, Sep 1999]
Amatuni, Andrej [CERN Courier, Mar 2000]
Amiot, Pierre [CERN Courier, Sep 1987*- Feb 1988*]
Anderson, Carl D [CERN Courier, Mar 1991]
Andersson, Bo [CERN Courier, May 2002*]
Angelis, Aris [CERN Courier, May 2003]
Anselm, Alexei Andreevich [CERN Courier, Nov 1998]
Anthoine, Roger [CERN Courier Jan 2016] [CERN Courier, May 1986]
Aramovich Budagov, Yullian [CERN Courier May/Jun 2023]
Arik, Engin [CERN Courier, Mar2008]
Armenteros, Rafael [CERN Courier, Jun 2004]
Arndt, Richard, Allen [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2011]
Ash, William [CERN Courier, Sep 1994]
Ashmore, Alick [CERN Courier May 2014]
Astbury, Alan [CERN Courier Dec 2014]
Atiyah, Michael [CERN Courier May 2019]
Auger, Pierre [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1994]
D’Auria, John [CERN Courier Mar 2018]
Avakian, Robert [CERN Courier, May 2001*]



Baarli, Johann [CERN Courier, Jan 1962]
Bachy, Gerard [CERN Courier Jul/Aug 2022]
Bahcall, John [CERN Courier, Dec 2005]
Baier, Vladimir Nikolaevich [CERN Courier, Nov 2000]
Bailey, Roger [CERN Courier Sep/Oct 2023]
Baillon, Paul [CERN Courier Jan 2019]
Bakker, Cornelis Jan [CERN Courier, Jun 1960 - Aug 1963*]
Baldin, Alexander M [CERN Courier, Mar 1996 - Apr 2001 - Aug 2001]
Baldo Ceolin, Milla [CERN Courier Mar 2012]
Ballam, Joseph [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1998*]
Bander, Myron [CERN Courier Sep 2013]
Bannier, J H [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1978*]
Bardin, Dmitry [CERN Courier Nov 2017]
Barkov, Lev [CERN Courier, Oct 2003]
Barloutaud, Roland [CERN Courier, Apr 2000]
Baroni, Giustina [CERN Courier, Jun 2002]
Barreira, Gaspar [CERN Courier Nov 2019]
Beg, M A B [CERN Courier, May 1992]
Becker, Ulrich [CERN Courier Sep-Oct 2020]
Bekenstein, Jacob [CERN Courier Nov 2015]
Bell, John [CERN Courier Sep 2014] [CERN Courier, Nov 1990]
Bellamy, Edmund [CERN Courier, Sep 2006]
Benvenuti, Alberto [CERN Courier Jul 2018]
Berge, Jon Peter [CERN Courier May 2018]
Bernardini, Gilberto [CERN Courier, Jul 1962]
Bernas, René[CERN Courier, Jul 1971*]
Berset, Jean-Claude [CERN Courier Mar-Apr 2021]
Berst, Jean-Daniel [CERN Courier, Nov 2010]
Berthelot, André [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 1986]
Bertolini, Enzo [CERN Courier Jun 2018]
Bethe, Hans A [CERN Courier, Jun 2005]
Beyer, Gerd-Jürgen [CERN Courier Jul-Aug 2021]
Bhaskar Yodh Gaurang [CERN Courier Nov 2019]
Bialkowksi, Grzegorz [CERN Courier, Sep 1989]
Bigot, Bernard [CERN Courier Sep/Oct 2022]
Billinge, Roy [CERN Courier, Sep 1994]
Binétruy Pierre [CERN Courier Jun 2017]
Bingham, Harry [CERN Courier, Nov 1994*]
Binoth, Thomas [CERN Couier Mar 2010*]
Blasche, Klaus [CERN Courier, Nov 2008*]
Blaser, Jean-Pierre [CERN Courier Jan 2020]
Blewett Hildred [CERN Courier Jul 2011]
Blewett, John [CERN Courier, Nov 2000]
Bloch, Felix [CERN Courier, Nov 1983]
Block, Martin [CERN Courier Oct 2016]
Bochnacki, Zbigniew [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1991]
Böck, Rudolf [CERN Courier Jul 2015]
Böckmann, Klaus [CERN Courier, Dec 1985]
Boehm, Felix H [CERN Courier Sep-Oct 2021]
Bogolubov (Bogolyubov), Nikolaj Nikolaevitch [CERN Courier, Sep 1979 - Oct 1984 - Apr 1992]
Bohr, Niels [CERN Courier, Nov 1962 - Jul 1963 - Dec 1985]
Bollinger, Lowell [CERN Courier Mar 2015]
Bonaudi, Franco [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2009]
Bordry, Frédérick [CERN Courier Mar 2016]
Borghini, Michel [CERN Courier Apr 2013]
Borisovna Igonkina Olga [CERN Courier Jul 2019]
Bouchiat, Claude [CERN Courier May/Jun 2023]
Boussard, Daniel [CERN Courier May 2018]
Bovet, Claude [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2003]
Bradner, Hugh [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2008*]
Brandt, Siegmund [CERN Courier Nov 2016]
Brasse, Friedhelm [CERN Courier Sep 2012]
Brianti, Giorgio [CERN Courier, Jun 1995] [CERN Courier Jul/Aug 2023]
Brink, Lars [CERN Courier Mar/Apr 2023]
Brisson, Violette [CERN Courier May 2018]
Broglie, Louis de [CERN Courier, May 1987]
Brout, Robert [CERN Courier Jul 2011]
Brown, Karl [CERN Courier, Nov 2002*]
Budde, Reinhard [CERN Courier, Sep 1991*]
Budker, Gersh [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 1977]
Burger, Albert [CERN Courier, Mar 1991]
Butler, Clifford Charles [CERN Courier, Sep 1999]
Butterworth, Ian [CERN Courier Jun 2014]
Byers, Nina [CERN Courier Sep 2014]



Cabibbo, Nicola [CERN Courier, Nov 2010]
Caianiello, Eduardo [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1994]
Carruthers, Peter A [CERN Courier, Nov 1997]
Casher, Aharon [CERN Courier Apr 2018]
Cashmore, Roger [CERN Courier Dec 2015]
Casimir, Hendrik [CERN Courier, Oct 2000]
Caso, Carlo [CERN Courier, Sep 2007]
Castillejo, Leonardo [CERN Courier, Sep 1995*]
Célarier, Claude [CERN Courier, Apr 1960]
Chamberlain, Owen [CERN Courier, May 2006]
Chandrasekhar, Subrahmanyan [CERN Courier, Oct 1995]
Charpak, Georges [CERN Courier Mar 2012] [CERN Courier, Oct 1989* - Dec 1989]
Cherenkov, Pavel A [CERN Courier, Apr 1990*]
Chikovani, G E [CERN Courier, Apr 1968]
Chirikov, Boris [CERN Courier, May 2008]
Cho, Yanglai [CERN Courier Sep 2015]
Chohan, Vinod [CERN Courier Sep 2017]
Chollet, Jean-Charles  [CERN Courier Jul/Aug 2022]
Chudakov, Aleksandr [CERN Courier, Apr 2001*]
Citron, Anselm [CERN Courier Mar 2015]
Clegg, Arthur Bradbury [CERN Courier, Apr 2003]
Cocconi, Guiseppe [CERN Courier, Mar 2009]
Cocconi-Tongiorgi, Vanna [CERN Courier, Nov 1997*]
Cockcroft, John [CERN Courier, Oct 1967]
Coleman, Sidney [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2008]
Collins, Thomas L [CERN Courier, Jun 1996*]
Conversi, Marcello [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1989]
Cool, Rodney [CERN Courier, Jun 1988*]
Cormier, Tom  [CERN Courier Jul/Aug 2022]
Cornelis, Karel  [CERN Courier May/Jun 2023]
Cornille, Henri [CERN Courier Jun 2013]
Craddock, Michael K [CERN Courier Mar 2016]
Cremmer, Eugene [CERN Courier Nov-Dec 2020]
Cresti, Marcello [CERN Courier May 2020]
Cronin, James [CERN Courier Nov 2016]
Curie, Marie [CERN Courier, Nov 1967]
Curien, Hubert [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2005]
Czyz, Wiesław [CERN Courier Nov 2017]



Dahl, Per [CERN Courier Jan 2012]
Dahl, Odd [CERN Courier, Mar 1991 - Sep 1994]
Dakin, Samuel Arthur f f [CERN Courier, Jun 1962]
Dalitz, Richard [CERN Courier, Mar 2006]
Danysz, Marian [CERN Courier, May 1983]
Dardel, Guy von [CERN Courier, Oct 2009*]
Dashen, Roger F [CERN Courier, Sep 1995*]
Davydov, Alexander S [CERN Courier, Jun 1993]
De Boer, Willem [CERN Courier Jan-Feb 2021]
De Raad, Bastiaan (Bas') [CERN Courier May 2019] [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1997]
De Rose, François [CERN Courier May 2014]
De Swart, Johan [CERN Courier Nov 2014]
Dee, Philip I [CERN Courier, Oct 1983*]
Derrick, Malcolm [CERN Courier Jan 2017]
Deser, Stanley [CERN Courier Jul/Aug 2023]
Desportes, Henri [CERN Courier Dec 2017]
Detraz Claude [CERN Bulletin, 8 Jul 2020] [CERN Courier Sep-Oct 2020]
Deutsch, Martin [CERN Courier, Dec 2002]
DeWitt, Bryce [CERN Courier, Jun 2005]
DeWitt-Morette, Cécile [CERN Courier Aug 2017]
Dick, Louis [CERN Courier Nov 2014]
Diddens, Bert [CERN Courier Oct 2018]
Dietz, Klaus [CERN Courier Oct 2014]
Dikansky, Nikolai [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2001]
Dirac, Paul [CERN Courier, Dec 1982* - Dec 1984]
Dolgoschein, Boris [CERN Courier, Mar 2011]
Dombeck, Thomas [CERN Courier Mar 2017]
Dôme, Georges [CERN Courier Nov 2018]
Dover, Carl [CERN Courier, Sep 1996]
Drell, Sidney [CERN Courier Mar 2017]
Dzhelepov, Boris Sergeevich [CERN Courier, Sep 1998]
Dzhelepov, Venedict Petrov [CERN Courier, May 1999*]



Edwards, Helen [CERN Courier Sep 2016]
Edwards, Michael [CERN Courier Nov 2012]
Eidelman, Simon [CERN Courier Nov-Dec 2021]
Einstein, Albert [CERN Courier, Mar 1979]
Ekspong, Gösta [CERN Courier Jun 2017]
Elsen, Eckhard [CERN Courier Mar 2016]
Ent, Rolf [CERN Courier Jan 2012]
Escoubès, Bruno [CERN Courier, Dec 1999]
D’Espagnat, Bernard [CERN Courier Nov 2015 ]
Etienne, François [CERN Courier Apr 2014]
Evans, Wynn [CERN Courier, May 1982*]



Fabergé, Tatiana [CERN Courier May 2020]
Faddeev, Ludwig [CERN Courier May 2017]
Fairbank, William [CERN Courier, Nov 1989*]
Faissner, Helmut [CERN Courier, Nov 2007]
Falk-Vairant, Paul [CERN Courier, May 2001*]
Farley Francis [CERN Courier Oct 2018]
Feinberg, Eugene L [CERN Courier, Mar 2006]
Feinberg, Gerald [CERN Courier, Jun 1992]
Ferretti, Bruno [CERN Courier, Nov 2010]
Ferro-Luzzi, Masimiliano [CERN Courier Jul 2013]
Feshbach, Herman [CERN Courier, Mar 2001]
Feynman, Richard Phillips [CERN Courier, Apr 1988]
Fiander, David [CERN Courier Jun 2015]
Fidecaro, Maria [CERN Courier Nov/Dec 2023]
Fields, Tom [CERN Courier Sep 2014]
Fierz, Markus E [CERN Courier, Nov 1959]
Filthuth, Heinz [CERN Courier May 2016]
Fischer, Erhard [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1989]
Fischer, Gerhard [CERN Courier, Jun 1993]
Fisher, Colin [CERN Courier, Apr 1988*]
Flanagran, John [CERN Courier sep-Oct 2020]
Fleury, Patrick [CERN Courier Dec 2017]
Foà, Lorenzo [CERN Courier Apr 2014]
Foelsche, Horst [CERN Courier, Sep 1995]
Fortune, Ronald [CERN Courier Nov-Dec 2020]
Fowler, Earle [CERN Courier, Jun 2009*]
Fowler, Peter [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1997*]
Fowler, William [CERN Courier, Sep 1995]
Fradkin, Efim [CERN Courier, Sep 1999]
Frank, Ilya M [CERN Courier, Sep-Oct 1990]
Fraser, Gordon [CERN Courier Mar 2013] [CERN Courier Mar 2013]
Fridman, Alfred [CERN Courier, Jun 1996]
Fritzsch, Harald [CERN Courier Nov/Dec 2023]
Froissart, Marcel [CERN Courier Jan 2016]
Fubini, Sergio [CERN Courier, Mar 2005*]
Funke, Gösta [CERN Courier, Mar 1992*]



Gabathuler, Erwin [CERN Courier Nov 2016]
Gago, José Mariano [CERN Courier Jun 2015]
Gaisser, Thomas [CERN Courier May/Jun 2023]
Galbraith, William [CERN Courier Jul 2011]
Gamble, B William [CERN Courier, May 1992]
Garlef Körner Jürgen Hans [CERN Courier Jan 2021]
Garren, Alper [CERN Courier Nov 2017]
Gasiorowicz, Stephen [CERN Courier Sep 2016]
Gatto, Raoul [CERN Courier Mar 2018]
Gaudin, Michel  [CERN Courier Nov/Dec 2023]
Geller, Richard [CERN Courier, May 2008]
Gentner, Wolfgang [CERN Courier, Dec 1960 - Feb 1978 - Nov 1980]
Gerber, Hans-Jürg [CERN Courier May 2019]
Gerke, Horst [CERN Courier, Jun 1982]
Germain, Pierre [CERN Courier, Mar 1962 - Sep 1988]
Gervaise, Jean [CERN Courier, Jun 2007]
Ghiorso, Albert [CERN Courier, Mar 2011*]
Giacomelli, Giorgio [CERN Courier Jun 2014]
Giambiagi, Juan Jose [CERN Courier, Mar 1996]
Gianotti, Fabiola [CERN Courier Mar 2016]
Giazotto, Adalberto [CERN Courier Apr 2018]
Girardello, Luciano [CERN Courier Mar/Apr 2023]
Glaser, Donald [CERN Courier Sep 2013]
Glaser, Vladimir Jurko [CERN Courier, Mar 1984]
Godet, René [CERN Courier, Apr 1968]
Goebel, Florian [CERN Courier, Nov 2008]
Goebel, Klaus [CERN Courier, Sep 1991]
Gokieli Ryszard [CERN Courier Oct 2011]
Goldhaber, Gertrude Scharff [CERN Courier, Apr 1998]
Goldhaber, Maurice [CERN Courier Sep 2011]
Goldschmidt-Clermont, Yves [CERN Courier, Apr 1988]
Goldwasser, Ned [CERN Courier Apr 2017]
Golutvin, Igor [CERN Courier, Nov 2004]
Gottfried, Kurt [CERN Courier Mar/Apr 2023]
Gracco, Valerio [CERN Courier Jun 2016]
Gray, David [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1991*]
Green, Ken [CERN Courier, Sep 1977]
Gregory, Bernard [CERN Courier, Mar 1964 - Dec 1970 - Feb 1978]
Gribov, Vladimir Naumovich [CERN Courier, Oct 1997*]
Grossetête, Bernard [CERN Courier, Apr 1994*]
Gruhn, Charles [CERN Courier Aug 2017]
Gunn, John [CERN Courier, Dec 2002*]
Gürsey, Feza [CERN Courier, Jun 1992*]
Gustafson, Torsten [CERN Courier, Sep 1987]



Hagedorn, Rolf [CERN Courier, Sep 2003]
Hahn, Ferdinand [CERN Courier Jun 2018]
Hahn, Beat [CERN Courier, Nov 1995]
Halbach, Klaus [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2000*]
Hamann, Nikolaus [CERN Courier, Oct 1993]
Hamilton, James [CERN Courier, Oct 2000*]
Hampton, George H [CERN Courier, Sep 1963 - May 2004]
Hansen, Gregers P [CERN Courier, Dec  2014]
Hansen, Knud Henrik [CERN Courier, Dec 1997]
Hardt, Werner [CERN Courier, Mar 1998*]
Hartle, James  [CERN Courier Nov/Dec 2023]
Hayakawa, Satio [CERN Courier, May 1992*]
He, Zehui [CERN Courier Dec 2011] [CERN Courier Apr 2014]
Heer, Ernst [CERN Courier Mar 2018]
Heisenberg, Werner [CERN Courier, Feb 1976]
Heitler, Walter [CERN Courier, Jun 1982]
Hemptinne, Marc de [CERN Courier, Sep 1986]
Hereward Hugh [CERN Courier May 2013]
Hernandez, Joaquim Prades [CERN Courier, Dec 2010]
Hess, Roger [CERN Courier, Jun 1995]
Heyn, Frans [CERN Courier, Mar 2002*]
Hilke Hans Jürgen [CERN Courier Apr 2017]
Hill Perkins, Donald [CERN Courier Jan/Feb 2023]
Hine, Mervyn [CERN Courier, Aug 1985 - Aug 2004]
Hirabayashi, Hiromi [CERN Courier, Sep 2008]
Hocker, Alexander [CERN Courier, Oct 1996*]
Hofer, Hans [CERN Courier Mar 2015]
Hofmann, Albert [CERN Courier Mar 2019]
Hofmann, Sigurd  [CERN Courier May/Jun 2023]
Hofstadter, Robert [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1991]
Höhler, Gerhard [CERN Courier Jul 2015]
Holt, John Riley [CERN Courier, May 2009]
Horlitz, Gerhard [CERN Courier, Mar 1997]
Hoyle, Fred [CERN Courier, Oct 2001]
Huges, Vernon [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2003]
Hughes, Gareth [CERN Courier Jun 2017]
Hussain, Faheem [CERN Courier, Dec 2009*]
Hyams, Bernard [CERN Courier Sep 2015] [CERN Courier, Jun 1990]


I / J

Isgur, Nathan [CERN Courier, Oct 2001]
Ishimaru, Hajime [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1998*]
Itzykson, Claude [CERN Courier, Sep 1995]
Ivanov, Igor Nikolaevich [CERN Courier, Jun 2003*]
Jackiw, Roman [CERN Courier Nov/Dec 2023]
Jackson, David [CERN Courier Dec 2016]
Jackson, J D [CERN Courier, Sep 1985*]
Jacob, Maurice [CERN Courier, May 1998 - Jul-Aug 2007]
Jacobsen, Bjørn [CERN Courier Oct 2017]
Jacquinot, Pierre [CERN Courier, Mar 2003]
Jadach, Stanislaw [CERN Courier May/Jun 2023]
Jentschke, Willibald [CERN Courier, May 2002 - Mar 2002 - Feb 1982 - Sep 1992]
Johnsen, Kjell [CERN Courier, Apr 1963* - Sep 1986]
Johnson, Dave E [CERN Courier, Dec 2008]
Johnson, Kenneth A [CERN Courier, Apr 1999]
Jones, Eifionydd [CERN Courier, Apr 1990]
Jost, Res [CERN Courier, Dec 1990]



Kabir, P K "Pasha" [CERN Courier, Mar 2005]
Kadyshevsky, Vladimir Georgievich [CERN Courier Dec 2014] [CERN Courier, Jun 1997]
Kaftanov, Vitali [CERN Courier, Dec 2006]
Kalbfleisch, George Randolf [CERN Courier, Nov 2006]
Källén, Gunnar [CERN Courier, Dec 1968]
Kalogeropoulos Theodoros [CERN Courier May 2013]
Kanellopoulos, Themis [CERN Courier, Sep 1995]
Kapchinsky, Ilya M [CERN Courier, Dec 1994]
Kapitza, Poitr Leonidovich [CERN Courier, Jun 1984]
Karbach Till Moritz [CERN Courier Jun 2015]
Karnaukhov Victor Alexandrovich [CERN Courier Sep 2016]
Kastler, Daniel [CERN Courier Oct 2015]
Kastler, Alfred [CERN Courier, Jun 1985]
Katsanevas, Stavros [CERN Courier Jul/Aug 2023]
Kawaguti, Minato [CERN Courier, Nov 1995]
Keefe, Denis [CERN Courier, May 1990]
Kemal Pak Namik [CERN Courier Apr 2016]
Kemmer, Nicholas [CERN Courier, Feb 1999]
Kendall, Henry [CERN Courier, Apr 1999]
Kerst, Donald [CERN Courier, Oct 1993]
Khovanskiy, Valery [CERN Courier Jan 2017]
Kienle, Paul [CERN Courier May 2013]
Kienzle, Werner [CERN Courier Nov 2016]
Kinoshita, Toichiro [CERN Courier Nov/Dec 2023]
Kirk, William T [CERN Courier, May 2003]
Klapisch Robert [CERN Courier May 2020]
Kluyver, J C [CERN Courier, Nov 1989]
Knizhnik, Vadim Genrikhovich [CERN Courier, May 1988]
Kobzarev, Igor [CERN Courier, Apr 1991]
Koch, Wolfgang [CERN Courier, Oct 2000]
Kofoed-Hansen, Otto [CERN Courier, Sep-Oct 1990]
Kogan, Ian [CERN Courier, Sep 2003]
Komar Aston Antonovich [CERN Courier Sep 2013]
Kotani, Masao [CERN Courier, Sep 1993]
Kotsky, Maxim [CERN Courier, Nov 2003]
Kounnas, Costas [CERN Courier Mar/Apr 2023]
Kouyoumzelis, Theodore [CERN Courier, Apr 2002]
Kowarski, Lew [CERN Courier, May 1962 - Jan 1967 - Jan 1972]
Krammer, Margarethe [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1989]
Krawczyk Maria [CERN Courier Jan 2018]
Kreuzer, Maximilian [CERN Courier, Jun 2011]
Krienen, Frank [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2008]
Krinsky, Samuel [CERN Courier Jan 2015]
Kruglov, Sergey [CERN Courier Apr 2014]
Kryshkin, Victor [CERN Courier May 2017]
Kuiper, Berend [CERN Courier Jun 2016]
Kukulin, Vladimir [CERN Courier Jul-Aug 2021]
Kummer, Wolfgang [CERN Courier, Sep 2007]
Kumpfert, Hermann [CERN Courier, Sep 1996]
Kunz, Paul [CERN Courier Dec 2018]
Kupsch, Joachim [CERN Courier Oct 2018]
Kuroda, Kei-Ichi [CERN Courier Jan 2012]
Kusch, Polycarp [CERN Courier, May 1993]
Kuzmin, Vadim [CERN Courier Jan 2016]
Kwiencinski, Jan [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2004]
Kwok, David Tak Leuk [CERN Courier, Sep 1985]
Kycia, Thaddeus Francis [CERN Courier, Jun 2000]



Lambertson, Glen [CERN Courier Jan-Feb 2021]
Lapidus, Lev I [CERN Courier, Oct 1986]
Laporte Henri [CERN Bulletin 8 Jul 2020] [CERN Courier Sep-Oct 2020]
Lapostelle, Pierre [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2005]
Lattes, Cesare M G [CERN Courier, Nov 2005]
Laurikainen, Kalervo [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1998]
Lawson, John D [CERN Courier, May 2008]
Lazarevich Ioffe, Boris [CERN Courier Sep/Oct 2022]
Lazeyras, Pierre [CERN Courier July 2020]
Lederman, Leon [CERN Courier Dec 2018]
Lee, Ben [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 1977]
Lehmann, Harry [CERN Courier, May 1999]
Lehmann, Pierre [CERN Courier, Mar 1992]
Leksin, Georgy [CERN Courier, Sep 2010]
Leneke, Martin [CERN Courier, Sep 1993]
Lengeler, Herbert [CERN Courier, Jun 1996] [CERN Courier Jul-Aug 2021]
Lepeltier, Vincent [CERN Courier, Jun 2008]
Leprince-Ringuet, Louis [CERN Courier, Feb 2001 - Mar 2001]
Leutz, Heinrich [CERN Courier May 2017]
Levaux, Paul [CERN Courier Mar 2013]
Lévy, Maurice [CERN Courier Dec 2012]
Lidenbaum, Sam [CERN Courier, Oct 2009]
Lindberg, Charlotte [CERN Courier Mar 2016]
Lipatov, Lev [CERN Courier Jan 2018]
Lipkin, Harry (Zvi) [CERN Courier Dec 2015]
Livdahl, Phil [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1988]
Lizhi, Fang [CERN Courier Jun 2012]
Lillestøl, Egil [CERN Courier Nov-Dec 2021]
Lobashev, Vladimir [CERN Courier Oct 2011]
Lobkowicz, Frederick [CERN Courier, Summer 1998]
Lock, William Owen [CERN Courier, Jun 2010]
Locken, Stewart Christian [CERN Courier, May 2011]
Lockspeiser, Ben [CERN Courier, Dec 1990]
Lofgren, Edward J [CERN Courier Dec 2016]
Logunov, Anatoly Alekseevich [CERN Courier May 2015]
Logunov, A A [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1997]
Lohrmann, Erich [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1997]
Lokajicek, Milos [CERN Courier, Oct 2003]
Lorenz, Eckart [CERN Courier Jan 2015]
Lörstad, Bengt [CERN Courier Jan 2014]
Losty, Michael [CERN Courier Sep 2012]
Lukaszuk, Leszek [CERN Courier, Nov 2007]
Lum, Walter [CERN Courier Sep 2013]
Lundby, Arne [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 1991]
Lürsche, Martin [CERN Courier, Nov 2004]
Lutz, Gerhard [CERN Courier Aug 2017]



MacCabe, Jack R [CERN Courier, Winter 1960]
MacDaniel, Boyce [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2002]
Macmillan, Edwin M [CERN Courier, Oct 1991 - Nov 1991]
Madey, John [CERN Courier Oct 2016]
Madsen, Jan [CERN Courier, Nov-Dec 1996]
Magnon, Alain  [CERN Courier Nov/Dec 2023]
Maier-Leibnitz, Heinz [CERN Courier, Mar 2001]
Malhotra, Kumar [CERN Courier, May 1992]
Mallet, Charles [CERN Courier, Mar 1960 - Oct 1967]
Malos, John [CERN Courier, Oct 1995]
Mandelstam, Standley [CERN Courier Nov 2016]
Manning, Geoff [CERN Courier, Mar 2007]
Marin, Pierre [CERN Courier, Jun 2002]
Marinov, Michael [CERN Courier, Apr 2000]
Mark Ritson David [CERN Courier Mar 2020]
Markov, Moisei [CERN Courier, Apr 1995]
Marshak, Robert E [CERN Courier, Mar 1993]
Martin, Alice-Anne [CERN Courier Apr 2016]
Martin, André [CERN Courier Mar-Apr 2021]
Marx, George [CERN Courier, Apr 2003]
Masperi, Luis [CERN Courier, Apr 2004]
Massam, Thomas [CERN Courier Jun 2017]
Mathewson, Alastair [CERN Courier, Dec 1997]
Matinyan, Sergei [CERN Courier Dec 2017]
Matthews, Paul [CERN Courier, Apr 1987]
Maxwell, James Clerk [CERN Courier, Dec 1979]
Meier, Karlheinz [CERN Courier Dec 2018]
Menon Mambillikalathil Govind Kumar [CERN Courier Mar 2017]
Menown, Hugh [CERN Courier, Jun 2000]
Menzione, Aldo [CERN Courier Apr 2013]
Mermod, Philippe [CERN Courier Nov-Dec 2020]
Merrison, Alec [CERN Courier, Apr 1989]
Mescheryakov, Michail [CERN Courier, Sep 1994]
von Meyenn, Karl  [CERN Courier Nov/Dec 2023]
Meyer, Jean [CERN Courier, Dec 2010]
Meyer, Philippe [CERN Courier, Jan 2008]
Michael, Douglas Grant [CERN Courier, Apr 2006]
Michaelis, Ernst [CERN Courier, May 1989]
Michel, Louis [CERN Courier, Sep 1992 - Mar 2000]
Michelini, Aldo [CERN Courier, Dec 1995] [CERN Courier Jul 2020]
Middelkoop, Willem Cornelis [CERN Courier Sep 2014]
Migdal, Arkadii Benediktovich [CERN Courier, Apr 1991]
Mihelevich Bilenky, Samoil [CERN Courier May-Jun 2021]
Mikheyev, Stanislav [CERN Courier Jul 2011]
Mills, Frederick [CERN Courier Nov 2013]
Minard, Marie-Noelle [CERN Courier Jan/Feb 2023]
Minten, Adolf [CERN Courier, Oct 1996] [CERN Couier Jul 2020]
Mirzakhani, Maryam [CERN Courier Nov 2017]
Mitchell, William [CERN Courier, Mar 2003]
Modzelewska, Eliane [CERN Courier, Oct 2004]
Möller, Christian [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1982]
Montague, Bryan [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2005]
Montanet, Lucien [CERN Courier, Oct 2003]
Monteleoni-Conforto, Bianca [CERN Courier, Jul 1999]
Morand, René [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2001]
Moravcsik, Michael [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 1989]
Morellet, Daniel [CERN Courier, May 2009]
Morpurgo, Mario [CERN Courier, Sep-Oct 1990]
Morrison, Douglas R O [CERN Courier, May 2001]
Moskalev, Anatoly [CERN Courier, May 2009]
Mott, Nevill [CERN Courier, Oct 1996]
Muirhead, Hugh [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2007]
Muller, Francis [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1991]
Mulvey John [CERN Courier Jan 2019]
Munday, Gordon [CERN Courier, Nov 2008]
Muratori, Giovanni [CERN Courier Nov 2019]
Murphy, Paul [CERN Courier, Dec 1990] [CERN Courier Jan-Feb 2021]
Murtagh, Michael [CERN Courier, Oct 2001]
Murzin, Vladimir [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2008]
Musset, Paul [CERN Courier, Oct 1985]



Najib Khuri, Nicola  [CERN Courier Mar/Apr 2023]
Nambu, Yoichiro [CERN Courier Dec 2015]
Narain, Meenakshi  [CERN Courier Mar/Apr 2023]
Naroska, Beate [CERN Courier, Jun 2008]
Nassalski, Jan [CERN Courier, Oct 2009]
Neal, Homer [CERN Courier Sep 2018]
Neddermayer, Seth [CERN Courier, Apr 1988]
Ne'eman, Yuval [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2006]
Nefkens, (Ben) Bernard Marie Karel [CERN Courier Sep 2014]
Newport, Ron [CERN Courier, Oct 1996]
Newton, David [CERN Courier Nov-Dec 2020]
Niederle, Jiri [CERN Courier, Dec 2010]
Niedermayer, Ferenc [CERN Courier Dec 2018]
Nielsen, Karl Ove [CERN Courier, Apr-May 1996]
Nishijima, Kazuhiko [CERN Courier, Jun 2009]
Nishikawa, Tetsuji [CERN Courier, Apr 2011]
Norton, Peter [CERN Courier Jun 2013]
Nurushev, Sandibek [CERN Courier Apr 2018]



O’Ceallaigh, Cormac [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1997]
O’Neill, Gerry [CERN Courier, Jun 1992]
O’Raifeartaigh, Lochlainn [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2001]
Oed, Anton [CERN Courier Jul 2019]
Oeschler, Helmut [CERN Courier Mar 2017]
Ogievetsky, Victor [CERN Courier, Jun 1996]
Okun, Lev [CERN Courier Jan 2016] [CERN Courier, Nov 1999]
Oliphant, Mark [CERN Courier, Oct 2000]
Olive, David [CERN Courier Apr 2013]
Onuchin, Alexei [CERN Courier, Nov 2004] [CERN Courier Sep-Oct 2021]
Opat, Geoffrey [CERN Courier, Oct 2002]
Oppenheimer, J R [CERN Courier, Mar 1967]
Orito, Shuji [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2001]
Orkin-Lecourtois, Agnès [CERN Courier Jan 2015]
Orlov, Yuri [CERN Courier Jan-Feb 2021]
Otten, Ernst-Wilhelm [CERN Courier Nov 2019]
Overseth, Olivier [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2009]
Ozaki, Satoshi [CERN Courier Sep 2017]


P / Q

Paar, Hans [CERN Courier Nov 2018]
Pagels, Heinz [CERN Courier, Oct 1988]
Pagiola, Emilio [CERN Courier, Jun 2011]
Paic, Mladen [CERN Courier, Nov 1997]
Paige, Frank [CERN Courier Mar 2018]
Pais, Abraham [CERN Courier, Oct 2000]
Palevski, Harry [CERN Courier, Dec 1990]
Palmieri, Vincenzo [CERN Courier Jun 2018]
Pancini, Ettore [CERN Courier, Nov 1981]
Panofsky, Wolfgang [CERN Courier, Aug 1959 - Dec 2007]
Pape, Luc [CERN Courier Jul-Aug 2021]
Pappas, Alexis C [CERN Courier, May 2010]
Pascual, Pedro [CERN Courier, Dec 2006]
Paul, Wolfgang [CERN Courier Nov 2013] [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1994]
Pauli, Wolfgang [CERN Courier, Sep 2000]
Payre, Patrice [CERN Courier Jun 2012]
Pearson, Margaret [CERN Courier, Apr 1990]
Pennington, Mike [CERN Courier Sep 2018]
Perez y Jorba, Jean [CERN Courier Jun 2014]
Perl, Martin Lewis [CERN Courier Jan 2015]
Perrin, Francis [CERN Courier, Sep 1992]
Peryt, Wiktor [CERN Courier May 2013]
Peterman, Andre [CERN Courier Apr 2012]
Peterson, Vincent Z [CERN Courier, Sep 2007]
Petronzio, Roberto [CERN Courier Oct 2016]
Petrovykh, Yuri [CERN Courier, Sep 1987]
Petrucci, Guido [CERN Courier Oct 2017]
Peyrou, Charles [CERN Courier, Feb 1962 - Jun 2003]
Phillips, Roger JN [CERN Courier May-Jun 2021]
Picasso, Emilio [CERN Courier Jan 2015]
Picchi, Pio [CERN Courier Mar 2019]
Piccioni, Oreste [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2002]
Pickavance, T G [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1992]
Picot, Albert [CERN Courier, Oct 1966]
Pipkin, Frank M [CERN Courier, Mar 1992]
Piuz, Francois  [CERN Courier Nov/Dec 2023]
Planner, Charles [CERN Courier, Dec 1998]
Plass, Günther [CERN Courier, Sep 1995] [CERN Courier Mar-Apr 2021]
Pniewski, Jerzy [CERN Courier, Sep 1989]
Podgoretsky, Mikhail Isaakovich [CERN Courier, Apr-May 1996]
Polikanov, Sergei M [CERN Courier, Dec 1994]
Pomansky, Alexander Alexandrovich [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 1993]
Pons, Louis [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 1989]
Pontecorvo, Bruno [CERN Courier, Nov 1993]
Poskanzer, Arthur  [CERN Courier Sep/Oct 2022]
Poth, Helmut [CERN Courier, Dec 1990]
Powell, Cecil Frank [CERN Courier, Aug 1969 - Jul 1971]
Prakash, Yog [CERN Courier, Dec 1985]
Prasad Roy Durga [CERN Courier Jun 2017]
Preiswerk, Peter [CERN Courier, Jan 1967 - Jan 1972]
Prentki, Jacques [CERN Courier, Sep 1985 - Mar 2010]
Preparata, Giuliano [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2000]
Prokoshkin, Yuri D [CERN Courier, May 1997]
Pugh, Howell [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1990]
Pullia, Antonino [CERN Courier Jul 2020]
Puppi, Gianpietro [CERN Courier, Oct 1963]
Purcell, Edward [CERN Courier, May 1997]
Qian, Sanqiang [CERN Courier Apr 2014]
Quercia, Italo Federico [CERN Courier, Sep 1987]



Raad, Bastiaan (Bas’) de [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1997] [CERN Courier May 2019]
Rabi, Isidor Isaac  [CERN Courier, Mar 1988*]
Raciti, Giovanni  [CERN Courier, Nov 2009*]
Radicati, Luigi [CERN Courier Jan 2020]
Rahm, David C [CERN Courier Jun 2016]
Ramm, Colin [CERN Courier Nov 2014] [CERN Courier, May 1963]
Ratner, Lazarus Gershon [CERN Courier, Sep 2000]
Regge, Tullio [CERN Courier Jan 2015]
Rehak, Pavel [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2010]
Reines, Frederick [CERN Courier, Nov 1998]
Rekalo, Michail Petrovich [CERN Courier, Mar 2005]
Renker, Dieter [CERN Courier Jul 2019]
Resegotti, Lorenzo [CERN Courier Oct 2013]
Reucroft, Stephen [CERN Courier Mar-Apr 2021]
Reverdin, Olivier [CERN Courier, Mar 1968]
Riboni, PierLuigi [CERN Courier May-Jun 2021]
Richardson, Reg [CERN Courier, Mar 1998]
Richter, Burton [CERN Courier Nov 2018] [CERN Courier, Apr 2000]
Riemann, Tord [CERN Courier Sep-Oct 2021]
Righini, Bruno [CERN Courier Dec 2014]
Rittenberg, Vladimir [CERN Courier Mar 2019]
Rittenberg, Alan [CERN Courier, Apr 1989]
Roberts, Arthur [CERN Courier, Oct 2004]
Roberts, Richard [CERN Courier Jan-Feb 2021]
Rocard, Yves  [CERN Courier, May 1992*]
Rochester, George Dixon [CERN Courier, Mar 2002]
Rodríguez Pérez, Pablo [CERN Courier Sep 2016]
Rodrigo Anoro, Teresa [CERN Courier Jul 2020]
Romana, Albert [CERN Courier, May 2006]
Romano, Francesco [CERN Courier Nov 2013]
Ronan, Mike [CERN Courier, Oct 2007]
De Rose, François [CERN Courier May 2014]
Rosen, Simon Peter [CERN Courier, May 2007]
Rosenfeld, Arthur [CERN Courier Jun 2017]
Rosier-Lees, Sylvie [CERN Courier Jan/Feb 2023]
Ross, Graham [CERN Courier Jan 2021]
Ross Macleod, Graham [CERN Courier Sep 2011 ]
Rotblat, Joseph [CERN Courier, Dec 2005]
Rougemont, Denis de [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1986]
Rousset, André [CERN Courier, Sep 2001]
Roy Mottelson, Ben [CERN Courier Sep/Oct 2022]
Rowe, Ednor M [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1997]
Rubakov, Valery  [CERN Courier Jan/Feb 2023]
Rubbia, Carlo [CERN Courier Oct 2014]
Rubinstein, Hector [CERN Courier, Nov 2009]
Rubio, Juan Antonio  [CERN Courier, Mar 2010*]
Ruckstuhl, Werner  [CERN Courier, Sep 1999*]
Rudik, Alexei Petrovich [CERN Courier, Jun 1994]
Rudstam, Gösta [CERN Courier, Mar 1963]
Ruggiero, Francesco [CERN Courier, Mar 2007]
Rumyantsev, Viktor  [CERN Courier, May 2003*]
Rybicki, Krzysztof [CERN Courier, Dec 2003]
Ryndin, Rotislav Mikhailovich * [CERN Courier, Jul 1999*]



Sacton, Jean [CERN Courier Jul-Aug 2021]
Sakharov, Andrei Dimitrievich [CERN Courier, Feb 1990 - May 1991]
Sakita, Bunji [CERN Courier, Nov 2002]
Sakurai, J J * [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1983*]
Sauvage, Gilles * [CERN Courier, Sep 2010*]
Savic, Pavle [CERN Courier, Oct 1994]
Savin, Igor [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2001]
Saxon, David [CERN Courier Mar/Apr 2023]
Saxon, Godfrey [CERN Courier, Dec 1983]
Schlein, Peter [CERN Courier, Sep 2008]
Schmeissner, Fritz [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2001]
Schmelzer, Christoph  [CERN Courier, Sep 2001*]
Schnell, Wolfgang [CERN Courier, Dec 2006]
Schoch, Arnold [CERN Courier, Apr 1963 - Dec 1966]
Schopper, Herwig [CERN Courier, Nov 1994 - CERN Bulletin N 20/2004 - May 2004]
Schramm, David [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1998]
Schrödinger, Erwin [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 1987]
Schultze, Klaus [CERN Courier, Jun 1999]
Schutten, J  [CERN Courier, May 1983*]
Schwartz, Melvin [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2007]
Schwinger, Julian  [CERN Courier, Sep 1994*]
Sciama, Dennis* [CERN Courier, May 2000*]
Seaborg, Glenn [CERN Courier, May 1999]
Segré, Emilio  [CERN Courier, Jun 1989*]
Seguinot, Jacques [CERN Courier Jan-Feb 2021]
Sendall, D M (Mike) [CERN Courier, Sep 1999]
Sens, Johannes C  [CERN Courier, Apr 2009*]
Serber, Robert [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 1997]
Serelli, Franco [CERN Courier Mar 2014]
Sessler, Andrew [CERN Courier Oct 2014]
Shalit de, Amos [CERN Courier, Oct 1969]
Sharp, Peter Harold [CERN Courier, Jun 2011*]
Shaw, Edwin (Ted) [CERN Courier, Feb 1976]
Shekhter, Vladimir [CERN Courier, Sep 1980]
Shellard, Ronald [CERN Courier Mar/Apr 2023]
Shoemaker, Frank C [CERN Courier, Apr 2009]
Shumeiko Nikolai Maksimovich [CERN Courier Sep 2016]
Shutt, Ralph [CERN Courier, Jun 2002]
Sidorov, Veniamin [CERN Courier, Dec 2000]
Silverstrov, Grigory [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2003]
Šimák Vladislav [CERN Courier Mar 2020]
Simon, Daniel [CERN Courier Jul 2011]
Singer, Paul [CERN Courier, Oct 2005]
Sirlin, Alberto [CERN Courier Jul/Aug 2022]
Sissakian, Alexei  [CERN Courier, Dec 2004* - Jun 2010]
Skinner, Herbert W B [CERN Courier, Mar 1960]
Skobelzyn, D V  [CERN Courier, Mar 1991*]
Slansky, Richard  [CERN Courier, Apr 1998*]
Slavatinsky, Sergei [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2006]
Sluyters, Theodorus J [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1992]
Smith, John [CERN Courier Jan 2018]
Smith, Lloyd [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2000]
Smorodinsky, Yakov Abramovitch  [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1993*]
Snyder, Hartland  [CERN Courier, Jun 1962*]
Söding, Paul  [CERN Courier, Apr 1998*]
Soergel, Volker  [CERN Courier Jan/Feb 2023]
Soffer, Jacques [CERN Courier Jul 2019]
Solovianov, Vladimir [CERN Courier, Sep 2001]
Soloviev, Lev D [CERN Courier, Oct 2003]
Solovtsov, Igor  [CERN Courier, Nov 2007*]
Sonderegger, Peter [CERN Courier Oct 2017]
Spaan, Bernhard [CERN Courier Mar/Apr 2023]
Squires, Euan James [CERN Courier, Sep 1996]
Sreekantan Badanaval Venkatasubba [CERN Courier Jan 2020]
Stafford Godfrey Harry [CERN Courier Nov 2013]
Stanghellini, Antonio [CERN Courier, Nov 1964]
Stanislavov Stanev Yassen [CERN Courier Sep 2017]
Steel, E W D [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2002]
Steffen, Klaus [CERN Courier, May 1991]
Steigman, Gary [CERN Courier Dec 2017]
Steinacher, Martin [CERN Courier Mar 2016]
Steinberger, Jack [CERN Courier Mar-Apr 2021]
Steinmaurer, Rudolf [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2000*]
Stirling, James [CERN Courier Jan 2019]
Stone Sheldon [CERN Courier Jan 2021]
Stora, Raymond [CERN Courier Nov 2015]
Storrow, John [CERN Courier, Nov-Dec 1996]
Stoyanov, Dimiter Tsvetanov [CERN Courier, Apr 2002*]
Strauch, Karl [CERN Courier, May 2000]
Strong, John [CERN Courier, Nov 2006]
Stuckenberg, Hans-Joachim [CERN Courier, Mar 1994]
Stueckelberg, Ernst [CERN Courier, Nov 1984]
Stumer, Iuliu [CERN Courier, Apr 2008]
Sujkowski, Ziemowid [CERN Courier, Nov 2006]
Susini, Alfredo [CERN Courier Dec 2013] [CERN Courier Dec 2013]
Suwa, Shigeki [CERN Courier, Mar 1998]
Swanson, William P [CERN Courier, Mar 1989]
De Swart, Johan [CERN Courier Nov 2014]
Symanzik, Kurt [CERN Courier, Dec 1983 - Feb 1984]



Tadiç, Dubravko [CERN Courier, Sep 2003*]
Tallini, Bruno [CERN Courier, Nov 1981]
Tanaka, Nobuyuki [CERN Courier, May 1991*]
Tanner, Neil [CERN Courier, Mar 2009*]
Tauscher, Ludwig [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2009*]
Tavkhelidze, Albert Nikiforovich [CERN Courier, May 2010*]
Taylor, Richard [CERN Courier Jun 2018]
Teillac, Jean [CERN Courier, Apr 1994*]
Telegdi, Valentine [CERN Courier, Sep 2006]
Teng, Lee [CERN Courier, Apr 2005]
Teplyakov, Vladimir [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2010]
Terentyev, Mikhail Vasilievich [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1997*]
Ter-Martirosyan, Karen Avetovich [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1993]
Ternov, Igor M [CERN Courier, Jun 1996]
Terwilliger, Kent [CERN Courier, Jun 1989]
Theodosiou, George [CERN Courier, Sep 1995]
Thirring, Walter [CERN Courier Dec 2014]
Thompson, John [CERN Courier Nov-Dec 2020]
Thresher, John [CERN Courier, Oct 2000]
Ticho, Harold Klein [CERN Courier May-Jun 2021]
Tièche, Constant [CERN Courier, Aug 1985]
Tigner, Maury [CERN Courier Jun 2012]
Timm, Uwe [CERN Courier, Sep 2008*]
Tlisov Danila [CERN Courier Jul 2020]
Todorov, Theodore [CERN Courier Jan 2015]
Tollestrup, Alvin [CERN Courier May 2020]
Tolun, Perihan [CERN Courier Jul 2013]
Tomonaga, Sin-itiro [CERN Courier, Sep 1979]
Toohig, Timothy [CERN Courier, Dec 2001]
Totsuka, Yoji [CERN Courier, Nov 2008]
Touschek, Bruno [CERN Courier, Jun 1978]
Tovey, Stuart [CERN Courier, Mar 2011*]
Townes, Charles [CERN Courier Apr 2015]
Treiman, Sam [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2000]
Trilling, George [CERN Courier Sep-Oct 2020]
Turlay, René [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2003]
Tutas, Jörg [CERN Courier, Mar 2003]
Tyapkin, Alexey [CERN Courier, Jun 2004]



Uggerhøj, Erik [CERN Courier Mar 2014]
Urban, Paul [CERN Courier, Sep 1995]



Vaccaro, Vittorio Giorgio [CERN Courier May/Jun 2023]
Valentine, J M [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1997*]
Van der Meer, Simon [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1991]
Van Hove, Léon [CERN Courier, Sep 1960 - Oct 1990 - Mar 1991 - May 2001]
Van Middelkoop, Ger [CERN Courier Apr 2013]
Vanderhaeghe, Guy [CERN Courier, Dec 1963]
Vartapetyan, Hamlet [CERN Courier Apr 2013]
Vasilievich, Anatoly Efremov [CERN Courier Sep-Oct 2021]
Vasilievich Shirkov Dmitry [CERN Courier Apr 2016]
Vautherin, Dominique [CERN Courier, Apr 2001]
Vegni, Guido [CERN Courier Sep 2016]
Veksler, Vladimir [CERN Courier, Oct 1966]
Veltman, Martinus J G [CERN Courier Mar-Apr 2021]
Verbeure, Frans [CERN Courier, Sep 2003]
Videau, Ioana [CERN Courier Jun 2014]
Villi, Claudio [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1997]
Vineyard, George H [CERN Courier, Apr 1987]
Vinh Mau, Robert [CERN Courier Jul 2014]
Virasoro, Miguel [CERN Courier Nov-Dec 2021]
Vitale, Antonio [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2009]
Vitale, Sandro [CERN Courier, May 2001]
Vivargent, Marcel [CERN Courier, May 2010*]
Vogt, Erich W [CERN Courier May 2014]
Voss, Gustav-Adolf [CERN Courier Jan 2014]
Vylov, Tsvetan Dimitrov [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2010]
Vysocansky, Milan [CERN Courier, Mar 1982]



Wachsmuth, Horst [CERN Courier, Dec 2008]
Wakley, Kitty  [CERN Courier Sep/Oct 2023]
Walkinshaw, William [CERN Courier, Mar 2002]
Waloschek, Pedro [CERN Courier Jun 2012] [CERN Courier, Oct 1994]
Walton, Ernest [CERN Courier, Sep 1995]
Wapstra, Aaldert Hendrik [CERN Courier, Mar 2007]
Ward, John Clive [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2000]
Warren, John [CERN Courier, Nov 1989]
Watson, Ed [CERN Courier, Oct 2006]
Weber, Helmut [CERN Courier Nov-Dec 2021]
Weber, Joe [CERN Courier, Dec 2000*]
Weilhammer, Peter [CERN Courier Dec 2016]
Weinberg, Steven [CERN Courier Sep-Oct 2021] [CERN Courier Nov-Dec 2021]
Weisskopf, Victor Frederick [CERN Courier, Winter 1960 - Jan 1966 - Oct 1998 - Jun 2002]
Wenninger, Horst [CERN Courier Nov-Dec 2020]
Wetherell, Alan [CERN Courier, Feb 1998 - Nov 1998]
White, James [CERN Courier Jan 2014]
Wick, Gian Carlo [CERN Courier, Jun 1992]
Wideröe, Rolf [CERN Courier, Nov-Dec 1996]
Wieczorek, Eberhard [CERN Courier, May 1994*]
Wiegand, Clyde [CERN Courier, Sep 1996*]
Wightman, Arthur [CERN Courier Apr 2013]
Wigner, Eugene Paul [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1995]
Wiik, Bjoern [CERN Courier, Apr 1999]
Willax, Hans [CERN Courier, Jun 1981]
Willems, Jean [CERN Courier, Aug 1970]
Williams, David Owen [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2007]
Williams, Philip Karl [CERN Courier May-Jun 2021]
Willis, William (Bill) J [CERN Courier May 2013]
Wilson, Kenneth [CERN Courier Jan 2014]
Wilson, Ted [CERN Courier Jan 2017]
Wilson, Robert (Bob) Rathbun [CERN Courier, Mar 2000]
Windmolders, Roland [CERN Courier May-Jun 2021]
Winter, Klaus [CERN Courier May 2015]
Wittgenstein, François [CERN Courier Jul 2015]
Wojcicki, Stanley  [CERN Courier Sep/Oct 2023]
Wolff, Siegfried [CERN Courier Jun 2012]
Wouthuysen, Siegfried A [CERN Courier, Oct 1996]
Wu, Chien-Shiung [CERN Courier Dec 2012] [CERN Courier Dec 2013] [CERN Courier, Apr 1997*]
Wüster, Hans-Otto [CERN Courier, Sep 1985]


X / Y / Z

Xie, Jialin [CERN Courier May 2016]
Yamaguchi, Yoshio [CERN Courier Oct 2016]
Yndurain, Francisco [CERN Courier, Nov 2008]
Yoccoz, Jean [CERN Courier Apr 2017]
Yong Ho Chin [CERN Courier Mar 2019]
Ypsilantis, Tom [CERN Courier, Oct 2000]
Yukawa, Hideki [CERN Courier, Nov 1981]
Zach, François [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2002]
Zagrebaev, Valery [CERN Courier Mar 2015]
Zakrzewski, Janusz [CERN Courier, May 2009*]
Zalewska, Agnieszka [CERN Courier Nov 2012]
Zamolodchikov, Alexei [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 2008]
Zavattini, Emilio [CERN Courier, May 1992*]
Zeldovich, Yakov Borisovich [CERN Courier, Jan-Feb 1988]
Zepeda Dominguez, Arnulfo [CERN Courier May-Jun 2021]
Zilverkweit, Josephine [CERN Courier, May 2001]
Zilverschoon, Cornelis 'Kees' [CERN Courier, Apr 1963]  [CERN Courier Jul 2012]
Zimanyi, Joszef [CERN Courier, Jul-Aug 2007*]
Zimmermann, Stéphanie [CERN Courier Mar-Apr 2021]
Zimmermann, Wolfhart [CERN Courier Dec 2016]
Zinovjev Gennady [CERN Courier Jan 2021]
Zolotorev, Max [CERN Courier Nov-Dec 2020]
Zotter, Bruno [CERN Courier Jun 2016]
Zumbach, Pierre A [CERN Courier, Apr 1964]
Zumino, Bruno [CERN Courier Nov 2014]
Zupnik, Boris [CERN Courier Oct 2015]

List of sources: CERN Courier Number 1, Volume 1, Aug 1959 to Number 6, Volume 63, Nov-Dec 2023

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