Borrow and renew

Library physical collections can be searched in the CERN Library Catalogue and most of them are available for loan.

Borrow at the Library

If a document is 'on shelf', you can come directly to the Library to borrow it. If the location is in a 'Depot', please ask for it at the Library desk. You can borrow with your CERN card at the Library desk (bldg. 52/1-052, Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.).

You can also request the document in the CERN Library Catalogue and choose the option 'Pick it up at the library desk'. We will prepare it for you and you will be notified when it is ready.

Borrow from your office

Physical documents can be requested in the CERN Library Catalogue where you can ‘Request’ the document on its detailed page. Choose the option 'Have it delivered to my office'. Internal delivery takes around 2-3 days.

Loan period and renewals

The normal loan period is 1 week or 4 weeks, depending on the document type, and is renewable if nobody else has requested the document. To check your loans and renew, see your online profile in the CERN Library Catalogue.

Last modified
22 January, 2024