Supplies, Procurement and Logistics Division (SPL), 1997 - 2003

R. Perin

The Supplies, Procurement and Logisitics ( SPL) Division was created in 1997 and immediately took responsibility for all purchasing, management of industrial services, logisitics and stores, sale of obsolete or scrap equipment, and related activities such as communication with Finance Committee Delegates and Industrial Liaison Officers and the organization of industrial exhibitions of the Member States. It included the following groups:

  • Purchasing Service from Finance Division
  • Industrial Service Management from Office of the Director of Administration of DSU Division
  • Logistics and Stores (Stores services, Storage-Salvage and Sales Service, Shipping Requests) from AS Division

In 1999 the Exhibition and Offical Visits of National Industries Section (from Purchasing Service) became a group as well as the Informatics Support Section.

In October 2001 Temporary Labour Office was transferred from HR Division to the Industrial Services Group in SPL Division

K. H. Kissler
T. Lagrange
In 2004 SPL and FI Divisions merged to form FI Department.
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18 July, 2020