24 Nov/20
16:00 - 17:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Book presentation: “Particle Physics Reference Library”

Please join the presentation, starting at 4 pm: https://cern.zoom.us/j/94899897714?pwd=TXFiZnBRdlg2WHlFb0gvRlJCRjR5dz09

The agenda:

16:00: Welcome and introduction - Tullio Basaglia, Jens Vigen

16:05: How the project came about - Hisako Niko, Christian Caron

16:15: Theory and Experiments - Herwig Schopper

16:25: Detectors for Particles and Radiation - Chris Fabjan

16:35: Accelerators and Colliders - Stephen Myers

16:45: Q & A session


This first volume of the handbook series contains articles on the standard model of particle physics, both from the theoretical and experimental perspective. It also covers related topics, such as heavy-ion physics, neutrino physics and searches for new physics beyond the standard model.

The second volume deals with detectors, large experimental facilities and data handling, both for accelerator and non-accelerator based experiments. It also covers applications in medicine and life sciences.

This third volume deals with accelerator physics, design, technology and operations, as well as with beam optics, dynamics and diagnostics.

A joint CERN-Springer initiative, the “Particle Physics Reference Library” provides revised and updated contributions based on previously published material in the well-known Landolt-Boernstein series on particle physics, accelerators and detectors (volumes 21A,B1,B2,C), which took stock of the field approximately one decade ago. Central to this new initiative is publication under full open access.


The three volumes are available online Open Access.


 “Particle Physics Reference Library”: Volume 1: Theory and Experiments ed. by H. Schopper, Volume 2: Detectors for Particles and Radiation, ed. by C. Fabjan and H. Schopper, Volume 3:  Accelerators and Colliders, ed. S. Myers and H. Schopper, Springer, 2020.

The books are on sale at the Library Bookshop.