Beams Department (BE), 2009 - Present

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P. Collier

In 2009 the CERN Management adopted a new organizational structure.

The Accelerators & Beams (AB) and Accelerator Technology (AT) departments, as well as some groups from Technical Services (TS) Department, were grouped into the Accelerators and Technology Sector. This Sector was re-organised into three departments:

The Beams Department hosted the groups reponsible for the beam generation, acceleration, diagnostics, controls, operation and performance optimization for the whole CERN Accelerator complex.

The BE Department was reponsible for

  • Commissioning, operation and optimization of the performance of the LHC
  • Operational performance of the accelerators forming the injector complex of the LHC, and operation of their experimental areas
  • Continued development of the LHC injector for the LHC for both protons and ions
  • Machine and detector alignment metrology
  • Safety aspects associated with CERN's accelerator operations.

Also BE was involved in a n umber Research & Develomment (R&D) activities , including

  • Design & development for Compact Linear Collider (CLIC), demonstration of the CLIC Technology in CLIC Test Facility (CTF3)
  • Design and studies for the upgrade of the LHC including the injector chain of the High Energy Proton Synchrotron (PS2) and Superconducting Proton Linac (SPL)
  • Design and development for the LINAC4 project
  • Participation in EU-funded collaborations and internationally-funded collaborations with Non-Member States
  • Other studies concerning the existing or future facilities in the CERN complex, such as Extra Low Energy Antiproton Ring Proposal (ELENA) for Antiproton Decelerator (AD) machine and High Intensity Energy (HIE)-Isolde for the Radioactive beam EXperiment (REX)-Isolde complex.

The BE Department was composed of

  • Accelerators and Beam Physics
  • Administration, Safety and Resources
  • Beam Instrumentation
  • Controls
  • Operations
  • Radio Frequency

In 2016 with the appointment of a new Director-General, the CERN management reorganised some sectors. The Beam Department structure remained unchanged and part of the Accelerators and Technology Sector.

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